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Welcome to the Turtles and Tortoises Screen Saver website.

If you like turtles and tortoises, you've come to the right place. We have numerous turtle and tortoise screen savers at low, low prices. All of our screen savers are guaranteed to be free of all spyware, adware and viruses.

Click here for a complete list of our Turtle and Tortoise screen savers.

You can also order a custom screen saver containing your own turtle (or other) images. Click here for more information on custom screen savers.

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We have a number of new screen savers available this month. The image above is from our new Turtles Volume 8, Red Eared Slider. Images courtesy of Yang Peng.


Read about our new line of Hatchling Turtle Screen Savers. Click here for more information.

Pictures shown above are just some of the images from our new Hatchling Turtle Screen Saver (actual images are larger). All images courtesy of Paul Vander Schouw.

When you purchase our turtle screen savers, you not only get a great product, you also help save turtles and tortoises. Profits from sales go to turtle and tortoise rescue.

Please visit the American Tortoise Rescue website and make a donation of your own. Help save the turtles and tortoises!

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